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I know I’m not the only one who uses their HTC Touch Vogue for more than just making phone calls so why must I suffer the inconvenience of not being able to use the internet while I’m on the phone? I understand that completely different frequencies are used for EVDO and CDMA networks that Telus, Verizon and a host of other carriers have set up and that the radio used in the handset must switch accordingly between them. That being said, I don’t understand why it has to be that when a phone call comes in, that whatever I was doing on the internet, be it email, or downloading that one important file needs to be interrupted by an incoming or outgoing phone call. I use a push email application called emoze for getting my email to my inbox without there too much of a drain on the phone’s battery. It (emoze) is set to reconnect to the main servers after having its connection stop working. The only problem is that this happens every time I get off the phone even though the Windows Mobile Connections settings dictate that program connection to the internet as needed. Further more, any time I try to get a connection in any program, I can’t connect. So my suggestions to Qualcomm and HTC are: 1. We are not still living in the late-’90s where in order to use the internet, you had to make sure that noone could use the phone when your connecting or while your surfing, 2. Even if a number has to be dailed in order to get online, it shouldn’t have to compete with a phone just get online, 3. EVDO is basically in broadband territory where cable, dsl, and other wired and wireless internet technologies lay. Having to choose between a phone call and an important email should be necessary. 4. If necessary, use two radios instead of having the phone trying to juggle all of its connections on one.

I was going to post a few screenshots I took after being on the phone and trying to sign in to MSN Messenger again after its connection was cut. You would have also seen the ones I took when emoze was trying to reconnect to its servers. Unfortunately though, the pictures got corrupted and I’m not ready to go over bluetooth yet. So I’ll post them up at a later date.


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Although this may be old news to many that are in the know and if this is so, please this post. If not, then read on since this may just become part of the future of smartphones as we all know it. In this thread at the XDA Developers Forums here and on this page here, dzo (Martin) posted that he got Google’s Android to work on a HTC Touch Vogue running Windows Mobile using the Handheld Reverse Engineering Tool or HaRET for short. I’ve played around with it myself and I must say that both this OS and OpenMoko are set to go way beyond what Windows Mobile has accomplished in the few years it has been around. I unfortunately can’t post up any videos or pictures of this slick, Linux based OS running on my device. Hopefully I can do so in the future as well as make calls and connect to the data network once better hardware support is added.

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