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After reading LAPTOP Magazine’s review on the ASUS UL30A, an ultraportable that can run for nearly 10 hours on a single charge while browsing the internet over Wi-Fi, I’m beginning to wonder, “How long do we need our laptops to run?”. I decided to look at the last CULV ultraportable (released in 2009) to hold the title for longest runtime, the Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T which had a runtime of almost 9 hours (according to LAPTOP Magazine). The two systems really only differ in the capacity of their batteries with the ASUS having a two cell advantage over the Acer. And yet I ask, “How long do we really need these laptops to run?”. If one really wanted to, they could easily install a Linux distro like Arch Linux and tweak it for the highest practical battery life. In doing so, one can achieve a theoretical 12+ hour battery runtime which under heavy usage may fall to 10+ hours under heavy usage. Hardly anyone I know uses their laptop unplugged until the low battery warning comes up except for my girlfriend. Perhaps then, that it is with those people, the mobile power users, with multiple gadgets, each selected for a sole purpose or set of purposes and tweaked to their preferences, that these enduring notebooks are meant for. What do you think?


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I’m writing this post to coincide with the Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII] thread in the Portable Source Gear forum in the Head-Fi forums. Enjoy!


Heavy and Lo-Fi but it works!

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Sorry for not posting in so long. I had copious amounts of homework and studying to do. The blog post that I had been working on during that time has been put on hold due to writer’s block. I will it this week though and try the keep a proper schedule through the months to come.

November 18 is my birthday and in celebration of that, I ordered for my enjoyment a 4GB SanDisk Sansa Clip+. I just received it this afternoon at 1:50PM and I am truly enjoying it’s tiny size and huge sound quality. All that is needed now are either the Head-Direct RE0 or the Denon AH-D1001S and an amp of some sort (later on). I feel sorry for my wallet already.

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