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One myth floating around the Xperia Ray Android Development sub-forum on the XDA Developers forums is that you can unlock your phone’s bootloader after you have removed the SIM lock. As a deep thinker and tinkerer who constantly strives for pushing hardware to their fullest potential, this myth definitely piqued my interest. It would have allowed me to do something my Xperia Ray that I had never been able to do for the phones I previously owned: Build custom operating systems for the phone. Especially now after the source for ICS was released and now with various projects operating on it (Android Open Source Project, Android Open Kang Project, CyanogenMod, MIUI, etc.), I believe it’s time I tried my hand at it.

The biggest obstacle was of course the locked bootloader or at least trying to get around it. I researched using kexec as a way of booting the another kernel but every solution I found was beyond my abilities at the time. Unfortunately, my abilities on creating a custom kernel module are still lacking as of this posting. Using 2nd init like what was used to create ROMs for original Motorola Milestone (which I also owned), was also an option except that I needed a custom recovery like ClockWorkMod to give me the ability to install new operating systems on the phone.

Enter SIM unlocking.

If this myth is indeed plausible for even confirmed, it would open up all of the phones in the 2011 and 2012 Xperia phone portfolios to excellent support by the community. People without the disposable income can still get a 2012 Sony Xperia phone or 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, execute a SIM unlock on it, unlock the bootloader and use the phone however they wish. Check back in a few days for future updates on this experiment.


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