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Last week Wednesday, my small, speedy, tough Xperia Ray (aka Urushi aka Varnish) fell into a bowl of water. After plucking the phone quickly out of the water, I removed the back cover and battery and left it to dry for a few hours. When I turned it on next, the phone would not go past the first boot image.


I left for home straightaway and upon arriving, tried disassembling it in order to further evacuate the water from it’s internals. I then found the last remaining drops of water inside the Xperia Ray and removed them with a tissue. When trying to power on the phone however I found out that I had unintentionally killed it. Alas, the Xperia Ray is dead but what I had learned during the time I owned it will stay with me.

These lessons are:

  1. The camera sensor and software are important
  2. Big hands can work on a small screen
  3. The smaller the phone, the denser the hardware inside it (less prone to breakage from a fall)
  4. Pixels Per Inch matter a lot when reading text
  5. Big battery plus optimized software = Big battery life

And as for what I will get to replace the Xperia Ray? It will be a Galaxy Nexus, model i9250 (aka Maguro aka Tuna).


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