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It’s good to be back. For a while I have been using a BlackBerry Bold 9700 to see if it could replace my Xperia Ray. The answer is a unanimous yes. So far it has been my music with better control and less volume steps than the Xperia Ray (with the XVolume Xposed module installed). Typing is far easier as I can actually hit the keys I intend to press more often than on the Ray. The extra width and near edge to edge keys are what make this possible. In fact, this entire post was created on the 9700. Only ones that can beat this are the 9000 (not enough RAM) and the 9900 (battery is too small). As for web browsing, Opera Mini covers that very well. Aside from a small bug with Google+, I have no issues. Email will have to be handled using either the Gmail mobile site or via the BIS and the Messages application. The calendar will be handled by the preinstalled calendar application and will be synchronized with Google Calendar using One Media Hub from Funambol Inc. Aside from those niggles and the odd stuck key, everything works well on the Bold 9700.


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Yes everyone, you have read correctly. After only a few months with my HTC Touch I feel like I really am ready to swap it in for something else. The reason being that this PocketPC’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. It runs Windows Mobile and just like Windows on the PC, I can’t stand it except for certain tasks. The Touch isn’t slow when it comes to running said OS, but the touchscreen is another problem I’ve encountered with the device. The only good SIP (Standard Input Panel) that I’ve used so far TouchPal by CooTek can be quite hard and annoying to use as my thumbs are quite large and thus end up hitting the wrong keys. I could do better with practise, but these methods of input coupled with the cumbersome menus and programs that I’ve used from time to time (Outlook’s Calendar, Outlook’s Contacts especially) make this an uneasy experience. Using the device for messaging was for a while quite easy if not slow (stupid big thumbs!) but then I just dropped it since it took so long to tap everything in not to mention that I needed to add words to the dictionary for every fews words of IM speak. The Touch for me was great for a time but in order for it the improve my productivity, I need it to sprout a hardware keyboard (and no HTC, the Touch Dual or S720 aren’t gonna cut it). Plus it needs proper J2ME support. So for now I’ll be doing my software reviews until I have enough money to upgrade to a BlackBerry Curve 8330. Why the 8330? The 8830 is way too big for my hands plus the lack of a 3.5 mm headset jack, a camera, and space between the individual keyboard keys would make it hard to live with. The 8130 on the other hand while small and sporting a 3.5 mm headset jack, camera, and GPS (!) has the same 20 key keyboard layout that the TouchPal and default SIP have on my Touch and has too small a screen for my liking. Thus I’m going for the BlackBerry 8330. It has a full keyboard with enough space between the keys that I may not hit wrong keys, a 3.5 mm headset jack and like my current PocketPC a QVGA (this one being 320×240 instead of 240×320) screen and best of all PROPER MIDP 2.0 support. The last thing I like (and this is the same for all BlackBerries) is that they can do so much with just a few megabytes of RAM and ROM (although the OS does have its own set of quirks to deal with). I’ll be taking mine in silver please.

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